About us

The Diabetes UK Halton Group is one of about 350 voluntary groups situated around the UK.

We are a small friendly group whose aim is to support the people of Halton and the surrounding area.  Whether you have been newly diagnosed or longer term, or if you are simply an individual with a desire for knowledge in order to support a loved one, we welcome you to our group.  Also, there is always an open invitation to any Healthcare Practitioners who wish to join us.

We encourage all those interested to attend our free group meetings.  We always endeavour to make these welcoming in an informal and social atmosphere.  There is always time for a friendly chat and discussion and although we do not claim to be experts, our pooled knowledge and experiences can help us to answer many questions - and if we don't know the answer, "we know a man who does!"

The highlight of our meetings are interesting and informative presentations from leading Healthcare Professionals with an opportunity at the end to ask questions or raise any concerns which you may have.

There are no membership fees, meetings are free of charge and include light refreshments.

We hope that we will see you soon.